Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Courtship

Jonathan and I spent every day together for most of our courtship. In the beginning we both worked Monday thru Friday at about the same time so I would pick Jonathan up when he got of work and we would hang out until almost morning. There was a small point where I got scared and tried to cool it down but failed miserably, what I can say is it was meant to be. Jonathan was so active and I was more relaxed so I followed him to his games and to hang out with friends and he would come with me to parks and to hang out with my friends.
Our first kiss was on our third date I think, meaning three days after we meet. Jonathan was dropping me off at home and of course he walked me to the door we were saying good buy (isn’t it so funny how that takes so much longer in the beginning of the relationship). He went to kiss me on the forehead and I thought he was going for my lips so I puckered up and got on my tippy toes and I ended up kissing this teeth. I can’t stop laughing about it. It was wonderful because we thought that we had to prove to each other that we really could kiss.
Not to long after we meet I had planed a trip to Utah to see my family. It was hard for us to think about being away from each other for a whole week. Jonathan took me down to Seattle for the day before I left. We went to the mall and went to the photo booth for our first photos together. I had to show off my new man. Then we went to the zoo and had so much fun. When I got to Utah I had a lot of fun with my sisters but I realized that from then on I wanted to take him with me.
We dated for almost five year before me got married. We had a great time getting to know each other. I was defiantly not always easy but it was always worth it. We spent our time playing with friends and family, taking small trips to Ocean Shores, Utah and Idaho. We also spent many wonderful weekends in Seattle, going to the markets and playing around.
On the troll under the Fremont Bridge
At the Seattle Zoo

At the top of the Space Needle.

Our First Photo Together, it was at one of the photo booths in the mall.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is my side of the story of how Jonathan and I meet

Liz, my best friend, really wanted me to go dancing with her. I was not felling good that night, in fact I had a migraine. She had gone out with a guy she really liked about a week ago, and he was going to be there. So, to Support her, I bucked up and decided to go along with a bottle of painkillers in my purse. Who would have guessed that I was going to fall in love?

The dance we were going to had the theme of a luau. This was good for me since I did not feel like dressing up. With little time to prepare, I threw on a dark blue pair of hip hugger jeans, a soft eyelet tank top and wrapped a lava lava around my waste. I twisted my hair into little braids and curls, and used just a little makeup to give me that sun-kissed look.

Liz and I walked into the dance and got mobbed by a group of guys; one of the guys had a crush on Liz. As I was being introduced to all of these guys I found my self in front of a man with a familiar face. He introduced himself as Jonathan. I had a secret crush on him for a few months, but had never met him. We got to talking and decided that he needed my lava lava more then I did. He was a little overdressed; he was wearing a dressy shirt and shoes, and needed something to help him loosen up. So I took it off my hips and tied it on his.

Jonathan and I danced most of the night and when he stayed it wasn’t long before he came back so that I could fix the lava lava that he kept shaking off of his hips. We were slow dancing when he asked me out on a date, not being myself, I was shy and usually would have tried to get out of it, I said “okay lets go”. He sad good-bye to his friends. Liz was not having much fun, so I grabbed her and the three of us left.

We decided to go down to the bay. I did not know my way around town, so I gave him the keys to my car. We went to three different parks on the bay, climbing rocks and walking one the beach. Mw talked about our lives, our family and our friends. When it came time t leave he grabbed my phone and put his number in it, making me promise I would call, and then got my number.

After I dropped Jonathan off at his car, Liz and I went home. I went up to my mothers room and told her all about my night. This was something I always did; she loved to hear my stories.

My family is huge. I am the youngest of nine kids. We all lived very close and were pretty open about everything. The next morning before I even got up word had gotten around. My older sister Lori decide that she needed to hear the story from me, so she decide to wake me up and drag me around with her as she got ready for the day. As we were driving to the store my phone rang. I knew it was Jonathan even before I answered it. He was calling to see if I wanted to go on a real date because he thought the night before did not count. Before I could answer Lori grabbed the phone, she told him that my family would love to meet him, and that he should come over to the Birthday Party. She then handed the phone back to me and we set it up.

As I said before, my family is huge, and I was scared to death that they would scare Jonathan off. That could not have been further from the truth. He came in and soaked them up. My family fell in love with him, and he fell in love with my family.

Since the first night Jonathan and I had met we were inseparable. We have always felt as though we have known each other forever.

Looking back at the night we first met, we laugh. Jonathan was supposed to meet a different girl that night for a double date. I did not want to go, and was planning on hiding in the back while Liz had fun. Who would have guessed that I was going to find the man of my dreams, the man that I am going to spend the rest of my life with, the man that I love?


This is a blog from my memory, not factual, so if you remember something different write your own blog about it. I also never said that I am a pro at writing so if you see something spelled wrong and formatted wrong sorry.