Thursday, November 19, 2009

Now on to Jonathan

Jonathan was the first born in his family, and after hearing about the long hard labor his mom had I can’t believe he is not the only. He was born in Bellingham Washington. I was shocked to find out that he lived his whole life in one house when I meet him. It was important to his parents to give him that stability. He has a very loving family who always got the best for him. Jonathan loved to play sports and pester his little brother. He enjoyed going hiking with his grandpa and watching sports with his papa. He spent a lot of time at Disney Land growing up and has passed his love for it onto me. Jonathan spent a lot of time scouting with his father and brother and his brother and him got there Eagle Scout awards together. All in all he had a wonderful childhood.
I know that it is not fair that my history is so long and his so short but come on I am the one writing it.

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