Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Start

I was thinking about how to start a blog and decided to start by telling you a little about my husband and myself.
Ladies First
I was born in Alaska to a wonderful large family with eight siblings and amazing parents. Although I love to say that I was born in Alaska I hate when anyone starts to ask me questions about it. You see, we moved from Alaska when I was four and the truth is I only have a few memories about Alaska and they don’t have any thing to do with Alaska. One that sticks out in my head is on my fourth Birthday party. My brother/buddy Ted was on his mission in Pennsylvania and he sent me the biggest chocolate candy bar that I had ever seen for my birthday. I remember walking around handing out pieces of my birthday chocolate to everyone there. Of course the first thing that I remembered was chocolate.
When I was four we moved to Idaho to be closer to my extended family. My Grandma Callahan had just passed away and we wanted to be there for my Grandpa. I was a crazy kid. I remember that I love living at grandpas, I would run wild and climb fences, play in the barn and climb trees. I also loved to feed the calves with grandpa. I remember one time my best friend Katie and I decided that we would drive my grandpas truck one of us would push the petals and the other would steer. We only went a about a yard before we hit a trailer with it. Man did I get in trouble. I also remember how my mother used to take us to pick lilacs from my grandma’s tree to bring to her grave site every birthday that we lived in Idaho. My mom told me that when my grandma was stuck in bed sick she loved to have a room full of lilacs.
Well, I lived in Idaho for a little over ten years moving from Nampa to Caldwell and on to Garden Valley. Caldwell will always hold some precious moments for me. I remember that I would lay in bed with mom and she would tell me stories from her past about boyfriend and how she new my dad since she was a young girl and all of the times she could remember growing up with him.
We lived in this way to big gray house that was surrounded by farm land and had a big barn behind it. I loved to walk down the dirt road, climb the big haystacks, have big parties in the huge yard and play on the spinning seesaw. Our house was so big that we had many cool people live with us and stay with us. It was a very fun time n my life.
When we moved to Garden Valley we lived in a rustic cabin on a golf course with a club house that had a hot spring swimming pool. As you can guess I had way to much fun living there. We swam year round, raced golf carts and played in the forest, a good place for a young teenager to get into trouble. This was a wonderful time where I bounded with my parents. I would help them with work, go on walks, and watch the stars with them. This is where I had my first real kiss and my first boyfriend. I also had some of the strongest friendships I have ever had. I will always be sad that I did not keep in contact with them.
Anyway, I think that I moved to Washington when I was fourteen. We moved to Ocean Shores where my sister Verlee lived. This was more of an adventure to me. I was so stubborn and mad at my parents for moving ma away from the man I was in love with that I rebelled by refusing to go to school. Wow was I stupid. So I moved in with Verlee and did random stuff to keep myself busy. I learned how to cook and sew. I played with my family on the beach and had a few friends that I sent a lot of time with.
I moved to Bellingham right before I turned 16. At this point I have lived here for ten years and yes that does make me feel old. I have made some of the beast friends and have had so much fun here that I doubt I will ever leave.
Well here is my summery of life before Jonathan. I will tell you about the last seven years after I tell you about Jonathan.

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